Mobile Industry Success stories

Red Cherry Media produces a MXit campaign for Chappies

Chappies’ latest successful foray into the digital space featured a MXit campaign based on the brand’s iconic “Did You Know?” questions.
Red Cherry Media’s Mobile & Digital division utilized a dedicated MXit Portal and targeted splash page advertising to engage with consumers.

Fun, “Did You Know?” questions were updated weekly from September to December 2010 to ensure the content was fresh, tying in with a weekly competition question based on the updated content.
In addition, users could download some great content in the form of funky branded wallpapers and video clips. The portal targeted users aged 11 -14 with a 50/50 male/female split and the fresh design highlighted the fun and adventurous side of Chappies.

Suhayl Limbada, Senior Brand Manager of Chappies, was delighted with the result. “The campaign was a huge success, generating in excess of 100 000 interactions and providing Chappies with a substantial targeted database to use for future marketing campaigns,” she said.


Mobile Direct

SPOT ON radio was used by Mobile Direct to boost brand awareness and increase noting and liking for their campaign.
The SPOT ON commercial flighted across RSG and over this period 261 calls were generated.
Of the 261 callers, 99% answered the competition question correctly, which shows fabulous comprehension of the commercial.

Red Cherry produced & flighted tops & tails, gave away a cash prize, set up the competition lines & generated research for Mobile Direct, all as part of the added value they offer.

In addition to the research, a firm database was generated of all those callers who wanted to receive more information & be contacted by Mobile Direct in the future.



Autopage incorporated Red Cherry’s “WOT’Z UP” & “SPOT ON” Radio Platforms into their campaign across several radio stations.

The Interactive concept was used to increased noting of the commercial; create active & passive target market participation; create a point of difference and break through the clutter.

A top & tail were added to the existing commercial, increasing the duration by 20” – this was at no cost to client.
The top included a question related to the commercial – creating instant interest, as well as a cash prize offering. Red Cherry supplies the cash prize.

Over the campaign period +- 4 weeks, Autopage generated over 1 800 calls.

26% of those that called into the IVR line, asked to be contacted with more information from Autopage. This database was supplied to client at no cost. The names, cellphone numbers, email addresses & postal address of these callers were given.

In incorporating Red Cherry’s Interactive Radio Platforms, Autopage received over 120% added value in the form of prizes/ extra airtime/ research & database information.

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